From the moment you say 'Yes' to 'I do' can seem like a whirlwind. Trust me, i know. I've woken up in the middle of the night from a nightmare where I showed up to my own wedding without a dress, no flowers, and not a thing planned. It's hard work, it's a lot of tough decisions, sweat, and even a few tears. But, girl, I promise you... IT. IS. WORTH. IT. Here are a few of our best tips on how to keep your head on straight, and do it all with a smile and poise. Don't worry, we've got your back!

1. Have a clear plan
    Start by making a plan of attack. There are so many details that need to be thought out and decisions to make, it is best to break them     down into a simple planning timeline. There are many timelines you can find online, and all Jubilee brides receive a customized planning timeline tailored to their wedding. Set goals for yourself to accomplish a few tasks a month. When you break it down, it is easier to see the big picture.

2. Decide on a budget and stick to it.
     In the beginning stages of planning, everything seems so exciting. That Pinterest board you have saved all of those inspiring pictures to has started to become reality. As you being booking vendors, the financial reality starts to get harder the more money you pay out, as you see your budget dwindling down. To begin building a budget, talk to all parties who will be contributing and come up with a realistic number. From there, break the budget into categories. Use those categories to get quotes, and respect the number. If the vendor's quote doesn't fall into specified amount, look for someone else who does. All Jubilee brides receive a customized budget breakdown and tracker via our online planning tool.

3. Choose your "Top 3" 
 You will want to talk to your fiance and come up with a list of your "Top 3". These are the things that are the most important to you on your wedding day. Is it the food? Having a live band? The dress? The photography? We realize everything is important to you, but knowing what is the most important to you and your fiance can help you establish where the majority of the budget will be spent. You may want to splurge on a killer band, and save on the dress by shopping a sample sale. By establishing these things early, and communicating to each other, you will avoid conflict as you plan.

4. Remember to DATE each other.
     As girls, we can get so caught up in the planning that we forget why we are getting married. Remember to go on dates, have fun, and don't talk about the wedding every time you are together. Guys typically like to have input on a few things, but they are marrying YOU, and they want to spend time with the woman they love and enjoy her as they did before popping the question. Set aside a few nights to "wedding plan" with him. Make a list and knock it all out at one time. This will keep him & you sane. 

5. Let go on your wedding day.
     This is not just a plug for my little business and trying to win you over, I promise. This is coming from the heart. On your wedding day, turn the details over to someone else. This day only comes ONCE in your life. You have planned your little heart out and it is time to soak it all in. Whether you turn the coordination over to a Jubilee planner, a family member, or maybe even a dear friend, let it go and trust in the vendors you have chosen. It is going to be beautiful, and your vendors WILL take care of you... if you let them.


Happy Planning, Friend! You're going to KILL it! 
Photo Credit: Ryan & Alyssa Photography

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