Building a Wedding Day Timeline

When I begin building a timeline for Jubilee brides, I always start by doing three things:

1. Talk to the photographer & see what their photo timeline looks like 

2. Check with the venue to see what time setup can begin & when clean up must be finished

3. Start from the end of the event & work your way up

Once you have established these three things, start building.You will want to begin with the end, so if your grand exit is set for 10:00 pm, then your last dance needs to be at 9:50 to give your guest time to say their final goodbyes & line up to bid you adieu.

Next, if you choose to incorporate a bouquet & garter toss, this is something that signifies to your guests the night is coming to a close, so put it near the end of the wedding, but still leave time to dance a few more songs before heading out. If you are leaving at 10:00 pm, 9:30 pm would be a great time to fit in the bouquet & garter toss.

A few things to consider when planning the timeline of your reception:

1. How long will pictures take after the ceremony? Will guest be invited to a cocktail hour during this time, or will you open up the food as soon as the ceremony is over?

2. How do you want to enter the reception? Do you want to be introduced? If so, will the introductions include family, or only the bridal party?

3. What special dances would you like to have? First dance? Father / Daughter? Mother / Son?

After you have answered these questions, mapping out the flow of your wedding day will be much easier. 

Here is a sample timeline: 

8:30 am Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek opens for setup

10:00 am Hair & Makeup Begins

2:00 pm Pictures of Guys

2:30 pm Pictures of Girls

4:30 pm Guests begin to arrive

5:00 pm Wirewood Begins Prelude

5:20 pm Wedding Party & Family Line up for ceremony

5:30 pm Wedding Ceremony

6:00 pm Pictures of Wedding Party & Family
Cocktail Hour for Guests

6:30 pm Introduction of Bridal Party 
1st Dance
Father/Daughter Dance
Mother/Son Dance

6:45 pm Holmes Catering Opens Dinner Buffet

7:45 pm Cut the Cake

9:30 pm Bouquet & Garter Toss

9:50 Last Dance

10:00 pm Grand Exit

If you have any questions, shoot us an email here. We're always glad to help :)