How to Give an Unforgettable Wedding Toast

A Guide to Toasting the Bride & Groom

Photo by A Darling Day

Photo by A Darling Day


  1. Tell them how glad you are to be celebrating the day with them.
  2. Thank any special people for hosting the event (ex. parents, family, etc.)

Share a story about them before they met the other person:

  1. Start with how you met & share the first impression you had about them
  2. Tell what you have been through together since meeting (traveling, jobs, sports teams, etc.)

Share a story about them after they met the other person.

  1. Tell how he / she changed for the better due to the other person's good qualities
  2. If you remember the first time he / she told you about the other person, share that story here

Throw in some humor.

  1. Share a funny, but safe story about your friend
  2. Warn the bride/ groom about a bad habit the other person may have
    * keep these in good humor & family-friendly


  1. Share how happy you are that they have found (bride / groom's name) & wish them a lifetime of happiness


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