How to Plan a Wedding

Newly Engaged? Not sure what to do next?
Here is our list of initial steps to take after he pops the question

Congratulations, friend! This is such an exciting time. Not only do you have a beautiful new ring you can barely peel your eyes off of, your mind is probably spinning with ideas, emotions & a whole lot of excitement. To help you get started, we have composed a list of the first things you should do after you say "Yes!"

Photo by Kerri Paige Photography of Jubilee Couple,ย Sally & Josh

Photo by Kerri Paige Photography of Jubilee Couple, Sally & Josh

Select a Season & Month for Your Wedding

The first thing people will ask you after getting engaged, is your wedding date. Many times, it's not as simple as just picking a date. A lot of decisions must be made first, such as choosing a venue. Begin by selecting the season, then month and finally narrow it down by selecting several dates that you would like to get married. Be sure to consider holidays, family events & in the south, football schedules. By selecting multiple dates, you will have much more flexibility when beginning the planning process & will more likely be able to book your ideal venue & vendors.

Gather Inspiration to Define Your Style

I know you are dying to jump right in and start planning, but one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to step back and dream up the overall style you want for your wedding. A way to do this is to start a fresh inspiration board on Pinterest. Pin any and everything to the board that catches your eye. Once you have done this, look back at the board. You should begin to see an overall style & color scheme developing. Delete pins that aren't in line with your style and add more as you plan that are.

Choose a Location

Now that you have an idea of your overall style, consider your wedding location. Will you get married in your hometown, your groom's hometown, a neutral location, or a destination? Do you see yourself saying your vows under mossy oaks in Charleston, atop a mountain overlooking the Blue Ridge, in a chapel close to home, or maybe in a rustic barn full of character? Talk with your fiance, and together decide on the look & location of your venue. Next, compose a list of your top venues in your desired area and inquire to see if they have your date available. (To see our Upstate Venue Pinterest board, click here)

Set Your Budget

Gather with your families and decide how much each family will be contributing to the overall budget. Set a realistic figure because this number be part of every decision you make. We know talking money is never a fun subject, but you will be happy you did this early in the long run. (Download our Budget Worksheet here)

Draft a Guest List

Do you want a quaint, small wedding or do you want to throw a once-in-a-lifetime shindig for all of your friends and family? Take into consideration the budget you have decided on and remember, more people equals more money. Also consider the location you have chosen and how many people the venue will hold comfortably.

Select Your Wedding Party

One of the best parts, asking your closest friends & family to stand beside you on one of the best days of your life. The sooner you ask them, the more likely they will not have any prior engagements & the sooner they will be able to share in your excitement! (A few of our favorite ways to ask: Shop Box Fox , Marigold & Grey , A Signature Welcome)

Photo by Betsey Lackey

Photo by Betsey Lackey

Consider Hiring a Wedding Consultant

A wedding consultant can help you as much or as little as you need. From full planning-helping you bring your vision to life through every step, to a day of coordinator, hiring a consultant on some level is one of the best tips I can give you. Not because I am a planner, but because planning a wedding can be simplified & much more enjoyable when you are in the hands of someone who has relationships with top vendors, experience with budgeting, an eye for wedding design and can help you figure out how to make all of those pretty pins you added to your wedding inspiration board come to life. Still not sure if you need a consultant? Shoot us an email, we'd love to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Planning!


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