5 Things Overlooked on Wedding Day

5 Things to Plan for so They Are Not Forgotten on Your Wedding Day


1. Set up. You have worked with all of your vendors for almost a year, spent hours creating DIY special touches & know exactly how you want everything laid out and styled the day of your wedding. Now, the question is who will bring it all together? Do they know the vision you have in your head of how you want everything to come together? Is it going to be a few family members that decorate, your wedding planner, or are you going to spend the morning decorating instead of pampering yourself and spending time with your family & friends? No matter who will be decorating & bringing it all together, it is important to put together a team you trust & have conveyed a clear idea of what you want. 

Solution: Be clear in your communication to the assigned decorators. Let them know your expectations and the vision you have for your day. You could create an excel spreadsheet with the decor items, where they should go & who will set them up. Be sure someone knows how to communicate to your vendors. Even though you have spent hours planning with your vendors, when they show up to set up for your wedding & reception, there will still be questions. Make sure whoever you have chosen to oversee set up can answer any questions and make decisions so that you won't have to be bothered the morning of your wedding.

2. Reserved Signs or Markings. Are you planning on reserving rows for family at your ceremony? Do you want tables reserved for them at your reception?

Solution: Consider how many family members you would like to have reserved seating. Mark the end of the aisles accordingly so family will be sure to have a seat during the ceremony. During the wedding reception, place reserved signs on tables you want to keep open for the special people in your life.

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3. Bring containers for left over food & cake. Do you want to keep any left over food or cake from your wedding?

Solution: Many times the caterer will pack the bride & groom a to-go box to be placed in their car before the exit, but if your family wants to keep any of the leftover food, caterers typically cannot pack togo food for them. Instead, they will let family pack up any extra food to take home following the wedding. Be sure to bring your own to-go containers if you plan on keeping any left over food or cake. 

Photo by Linda Conner Photography

Photo by Linda Conner Photography

4. Who will pack your personal items into the get away car? Are there any items you will want packed before you take off on your honeymoon? If so, who will pack them? Do they know what needs to be packed & where everything is located?

Solution: When you have finished getting ready, place all of your personal items in one consolidated area. Assign a friend, family member, or your coordinator to pack your personal items. You may even consider giving the appointed person a list of everything that should be packed.

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5. Break down. It is the end of the night & everyone has had a wonderful time, but they are also exhausted. Who will oversee breakdown?

Solution: Communicate with your vendors to see what aspects of clean up they handle. Be sure to make note of what your venue requires with break down (ex. Do caterers have to take out the trash, or does the venue? Where should soiled linens be placed for pick up?) After you have figured out what parts of clean up your vendors will handle, consider the rest of the breakdown that must happen. 

A few questions to consider:

  • Who will take home the top layer of the cake?
  • Who will take home personal items (ex. cake topper, champagne flutes & cake cutting set)
  • Who will take home the flowers? 
  • Who will take home the gifts?
  • Who will take home personal decor items?
                                                          Image Source: OnceWed

                                                          Image Source: OnceWed